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What is your swimsuit size?

How to find your Swimsuit Size?

Shopping for swimwear can be daunting. Every woman has a different body shape; bust, waist measurements and hip measurements can vary enormously, as can swimwear sizing. You can be long or short waisted, have body features you’re happy to show off, or areas that you prefer to cover up. But every woman’s body is beautiful and deserves to be showed off in style!

Knowing your swimsuit size will narrow down the options and make swimsuit shopping so much easier. Our best advice is to take your body measurements and check our online swimsuit size guide to get the size right first, then think about the style, shape and colour that best complements your body shape and skin tone.

The ultimate goal is to feel comfortable, confident, and radiant in your beachwear. This article uncovers swimsuit sizing and offers step-by-step measuring tips to help you to achieve that perfect fit.

measurement no figure just hands help with size chart

Swimsuit sizing

How do swimsuit sizes work?

Swimwear is usually measured in dress sizes and sometimes in size brackets of ‘small’, ‘medium’, or ‘large’.  Some are also measured in cup size, exactly like bra sizing. As there is no international standard sizing for manufactures, swimwear sizing can really vary between brands. Here at Moontide our swimwear size chart is based on UK standard dress sizes. We try to ensure as much of our swimwear includes adjustable straps, selling separate tops and pants to help you match your body type, underwire options and swimsuits with varying cover.


How do I find my swimsuit size?

Measure your body – Grab a soft, flexible tape measure and lets get started

·         Under the bust and around the fullest part

·         Waist

·         Hips

Firstly, take your bust, waist, and hip measurements – here’s how.

Size chart small waist larger bust natural figure in black bikini

Stand in your underwear and best fitting non-padded bra and take your measurements in inches and centimetres with a measuring tape. You may need some help with this so grab your best friend or partner to help. Make sure the measurements are as accurate as possible. Keep the tape measure level and flush with your body but not so tight that it’s squeezing in, or you may measure a size smaller than you need. Take a shallow breath in and hold it. With your arms down as much as you can, wrap the tape measure around your back and underneath the bust. Then measure the fuller part of your bust.

Do the same with the narrowest part of your waist; if you slight lean to one side this will show where your natural waistline sits, roughly 2 inches above your belly button and just under the lowest rib. With your feet together move the tape measure down and measure the circumference of the widest part of your hips which should take in the widest part of your bum.   

Under bust measurement

·         Take the tape around the rib cage and keep the tape level

Finding the cup size

·         Find the difference between underbust and full bust measurements

·         1 inch = A, 2 inches = B and so on

Generally, swimsuit size charts only show the full bust measurement but to get the best fit possible knowing your cup size is crucial.

belly, waist measurement, bust size, hips

Look at swimwear size charts online

Now you know your basic measurements, check out the swimwear size charts to find the best equivalent own brand sizing. Remember the size charts are guides -all women have different body measurements. If your measurements equate to a couple of different sizes, stick with the one that’s closest to your normal dress size.  

Choose cup sizes in swimming costumes for a better fit. For example, with a bra cup size of D or above, you may need more coverage, stronger support, and lift, so go for a brand that has cup-sized swimsuits and bikinis.

A tankini will give you the modesty and coverage of a swimsuit and, whether you’re long or short waisted, we think you can always rock a bikini regardless of age or body shape.

women in swimsuit no shoulder straps

 Click here for our Moontide size chart which covers the common international sizing. 

You’re now all set to consider which styles will flatter your body shape best and which colours and shades will enhance your natural skin tones. Our comprehensive articles on body type and skin tone will help you to find the most flattering styles and colours for you if you’re not sure. 

3 women models in swimsuits different bra size different on size chart

And lastly…try it on and take your time

If you’re buying in store, make sure you try it on, or can return your purchase after trying it on at home if it doesn’t fit. Likewise, if you’re buying online, check the returns policy before you make a purchase and make sure that you can return the item. Our handy guide on buying swimwear online will give you some more tips.

Remember, the fit is paramount it should compliment your figure and hug your natural curves. You definitely don’t want red marks on your shoulders, a saggy bikini brief, unwanted bulging, chaffing, or pulling when you take it for its first dip in the pool or trip to the beach.

It’s also a no go if it flattens your chest, or lets everything hang out when you’ve jumped around and done the wiggle test, the neckline should sit comfortably across your chest! Its all about personal preference when it comes to how much cleavage you feel comfortable with whether you’re on the beach or by the pool.

Your new swimsuit or bikini needs to be comfortable above everything. If the sizing and fit is right it should feel like a second skin and make you feel so amazing, you won’t want to take it off!

We’re sure that when you visit the Moontide store you’ll find the perfect swimsuit or bikini!

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