High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms at Moontide Swimwear UK

Why chose a High-Waisted Bikini Bottom?

The high-waist pant is universally flattering. Perfect for those with pear, hourglass and diamond body shape. It emphasises wide hips and defines waistlines. Looking equally gorgeous on the long-torso, tall and petite body shapes it is no wonder that these have remained a key design style in the swimwear fashion industry. High waisted bikini bottoms remain our best-seller here at Moontide.

This article celebrates the enduring popularity and many design styles of the high waisted bikini!

High-Waisted Bikini History

Two-piece bathing suits made their debut during the 1920s and 1930s. Attitudes shifted and instead of being used just for swimming it became fashionable to sunbathe in them.  So long as the navel remained firmly covered up! The 1933 film, Flying Down to Rio, starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers shot Dolores del Rio to infamy as the first major star to be seen onscreen in a two-piece swimsuit – considered quite racy at the time!

Sexier than a one piece with more coverage than a bikini

Regarded as sexy, the high waist bikini set quickly became popular and was the choice of all the glamorous film stars of the 1940’s era such as Rita Hayworth, Ava Gardener and Marylin Monroe. Rationing on fabric during World War II and the development of new materials like Nylon also helped establish the two-piece with high waisted bikini bottoms as acceptable beachwear and the midriff was allowed to be seen!

High-Waisted bikini tips

The High waist two-piece design flatters a variety of body shapes from pear and hourglass to diamond shape. It emphasises curves and waistlines so you’ll look and feel amazing wearing one!

  • They make your legs look longer.
  • Full vintage high waisted bikini bottoms that cover the belly button create that perfect proportion for women with a long torso.
  • Short torso figures look fantastic in retro high waist pants that end just under the belly button making their torso look longer.
  • Big Bottom? No problem. A high waist bikini will narrow your waistline and show off your beautiful curves to their best.
  • Ruching or draped front panels draw the eye, giving flattering cover to wobbly tums.
  • Apple shapes can pull off the high bottom by wearing a bright printed top with plan dark bottoms and choosing a disguising front ruched design or a powermesh panel that sucks you in.
  • Bottoms with vertical or diagonal lines slim down your hips, while horizontal line widens them. Choose a high waist pant with horizontal lines if you are more of a rectangle shape.

Still hugely on trend –  retro but not kitsch and summoning up the romantic and glamorous era of luxurious and lazy days by the pool sipping cocktails. Here at Moontide we included the High Waisted bikini bottom in one form or another in all but one of our latest season’s ranges. There are lots of styles of higher waisted bikini bottoms out there if you don’t want that full, belly button covering vintage look, but want the shaping and flattering that this enduring pant design can offer. Choose a Moontide high-waist bikini pant this season for a flattering and glamorous silhouette.