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Find the best swimwear for your body shape

How to choose the perfect swimwear

We want to help you find the best swimwear for your body shape. Are you struggling to find flattering swimwear? Fed up with not finding the perfect fit? If you feel like the styles that you are choosing aren’t making the best of your body – we can help! Everyone’s body is unique but understanding your general body shape can help you make the best decisions when it comes to shopping for swimwear. Choosing pieces that compliment your body type and give you that perfect fit is easy when you know how. Accentuating your best body features will give you that body confidence. Feel and look at your absolute beach body best!

What are the main body shapes?

Here at Moontide we have created the ultimate guides to the five general body shapes: Apple, Pear, Hourglass, Rectangle, and Inverted Triangle. Read about the key body shape features for each one then take a look in the mirror to decide which best describes your body. There are detailed sections on the best bikini and swimsuit styles, colours and prints, and what things to avoid for each of the five body shapes so that you can choose your swimwear with complete confidence! Click on the guides below to find out the swimwear styles and colours that will flatter your figure most. Showcase your best body shape features!