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The best swimwear for your rectangle body shape

What is a Rectangle Body Shape?

The Rectangle body shape is the most common UK body shape. Nice and slim with narrow hips and a small bust. The rectangle is a beautifully balanced body shape. Also called – an athletic, H, straight and, strangely, banana body shape, you can look great in most swimsuits and bikini styles. The trick to looking fantastic and not just great is that it’s all about creating some body curves when choosing your swimwear. Read on to find out which swimsuit and bikini styles will suit you best and which key features particularly to look out for to define your waist and make your bust and hips appear curvier. Below are our top tips for the perfect swimwear for your body shape.

Am I a Rectangle body shape?

Rectangle Body Shape Features

If you’re a rectangle then you’ll have the following body features

  • Athletic physique
  • Straight silhouette with few curves
  • Slim shoulders and hips
  • Roughly the same hip and shoulder measurements
  • Small bust and bottom
  • Little definition on the waist

If this sounds like your body type then read on for some great tips!

Guide to Buying Swimwear for Rectangle Body Shapes

Best swimwear for rectangle-shaped women

The rectangular body shape looks best with pieces that create the visual illusion of curves. Anything that enhances the bust and bottom or makes the waist appear more defined will also work for you. Think feminine details – padded tops, low necklines, front ties and frills and you’ll look amazing!

Bikini tops for the Rectangle body shape

  • Padded tops create more curves – choose from a push-up bikini, balconette, tankini or a padded halter with a thin strap to sculpt your and lift your silhouette.
  • Triangle tops and low V necklines – a traditional halter style design highlights the chest area, team this with padded cups to enhance your cleavage further.
  • Feminine frills – Ruffles, ruching and tassels on a top all draw the attention upwards and therefore create the illusion of a fuller bust.
  • Tie front tops– Tops with front ties move the focus to the centre of the chest, exactly where the focus should be.

Bikini Bottoms for the Rectangle’s bottom

Just like the tops, it’s all about creating more feminine curves, minimising your waist, and maximising your hips. Tie side pants, extra detailing and also bold prints all create volume and give the effect of a fuller figure.

  • String or wide side-tie bikini pants – the extra side detailing of ties or tassels will make your hips look fuller especially combined with a bold print.
  • Skirted or frilled bikini pants – these will emphasise your bottom.
  • High leg cut bottoms– will flatter your legs and also focus attention to your hips.
  • Solid colour bottoms– Match solid coloured bottoms with bright patterned tops to create curves.

Best Swimsuit tips for the Rectangle body shape

The most flattering swimsuits for your body shape are ones with details that draw attention to the waist and give you more of an hourglass look. A side cut-out is the perfect example.

  • A side cut-out or Monokini swimsuit – they will make your waist look more well-defined.
  • High cut leg with a plunging padded neckline – a high cut leg visually lengthens the silhouette. Combine this with a low V-shaped neckline like a halter neck style and it will give you the illusion of curvier proportions.
  • Low Back – again this lengthens the body drawing attention to the bottom.
  • Belted swimsuits – A thin belt detail will make your waist look smaller. A solid, bright colour with a darker colour on the waistline will also have the same effect.
  • Ruffle detail – fantastic for increasing curves. Choose a suit with a ruffle trim around the neckline, on the straps or on the hips.

What colours and prints work best on a Rectangle body shape?

For rectangles, choose feminine colours and designs to soften the silhouette- floral prints are a winner. Vibrant colours also work well, especially in a swimsuit with a darker band around the waist. Graphic and tropical prints or polka dots are great for drawing the eye and adding volume to your silhouette. Diagonal stripes can give you that narrow waist effect while a centred print will focus attention on the top centre of your body.

  • Soft feminine colours
  • Floral prints
  • Vibrant colours
  • Eye catching prints
  • Diagonal lines
  • Centred Print

What things to avoid as a Rectangle?

  • Bandeau bikini tops – will flatten your chest making you appear more boyish. Remember, it’s all about creating curves.
  • Square or high necklines – you’re trying to reduce the rectangle shape, not emphasise it.
  • Thick waistbands
  • Boy shorts
  • Vertical stripes
  • Horizontal stripes – they will widen your waist

Rectangle summary

In short, the most flattering bikinis, tankinis and swimsuits for the Rectangle body shape all focus on exaggerating your feminine curves. Padded tops, deep plunging necklines, frills, tie-side bottoms and side cut-out one-pieces will all work for you. Additionally, add visual volume with vibrant colours and patterns or let your feminine side go wild with floral pastels and flounces. You will look stunning.

Utilize our body shape tips and maximise your body shape features. Certainly check out the fantastic range of styles and prints in our latest designer swimwear collection.

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