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Best Swimwear for an hourglass body shape

What is an Hourglass body shape?

An hourglass body shape is the classically curvy, feminine, body shape, sometimes called an ‘X’ or an ‘8’ shape. Characterised by a well-defined waist and equally proportioned shoulders and hips, you can be a slim or a fuller figured Hourglass – it’s all about the proportions of hip and bust to waist.  A fuller bust, hips and thighs and a curvy bottom are typical hourglass-shaped traits. Often called ‘the perfect body shape’ the hourglass can look fabulous in almost all swimwear styles, especially bikinis.

Am I an Hourglass body shape?

Hourglass Body Shape Features

  • A feminine and curvy figure
  • Well-defined waist
  • Shoulders and hips of roughly equal width
  • Evenly proportioned fuller bust and hips
  • Curvy Bottom
  • Fuller thighs

If this sounds like your body type, then read on for some great tips to make the most of your beautiful curves!

Guide to Buying Swimwear for Hourglass Body Shapes

Best swimwear for hourglass shaped women

The hourglass body shape looks best in swimwear pieces that highlight and flaunt this lovely curvy body type. Anything that focuses the attention on that slim waist and stunning silhouette will work for you. Opt for two-pieces with plunging necklines, strapless tops and hi-cut bottoms and you’ll look like a retro-chic ‘screen goddess’. Whether you choose a bikini, a one-piece or a tankini set, it’s all about keeping your natural feminine proportions in balance so keep any frills or embellishments equally matched on both the top and the bottom to maintain that enviable bust to hip ratio.

Bikini tops for the hourglass body shape

  • Plunging V necklines – A triangle top is a classic bust-enhancing design. Anything plunging will accentuate your cleavage and draw the eye to the centre of your chest so that you look sexy but not top heavy.
  • Halter Neck – These are really flattering for the hourglass shape as they draw the eye higher.
  • Strapless tops – a bandeau top will look perfect on you as you have the curves to carry off this glamorous style.
  • Push-up and Balconette tops – a booster top will certainly give you a lift and enhance those feminine curves to the max.
  • Crop Top – These emphasise the narrowness of your waist.

The full hourglass figure will have a larger bust and need extra support features. Choose a bra fitting, cup-sized bikini or tankini top which will have many of the bust support features mentioned below. Check out our DD+ swimwear guide for more information.

  • Cup sized with adjustable straps – for that perfect, comfortable fit.
  • Thicker straps – Thick straps will give you extra bust support. Halters, crop tops and cup-sized tops generally have thicker straps, perfect for a larger bust.
  • Underwiring – Will provide support and lift.

Bikini Bottoms for hourglass shaped women

Almost any bikini bottom will look great on an hourglass body shape, low cut, high waisted, or Brazilian bottoms. If you are a full hourglass, then the high-waist bikini pant or a classic bikini brief are the most flattering choice for your curvier bum.

  • High Waist Pant – Accentuate your narrow waist and curvy hips in this ultimate pin-up retro look. It’s also the best in terms of coverage for your tummy and bottom.
  • Classic Bikini Brief – Bikini pants with smaller sides will show off a flat stomach and highlight your hips.
  • High-cut – The higher the cut, the more hips you reveal, and the narrower your waist will appear. This also gives the illusion of a thinner thigh as it visually lengthens the leg.
  • Low-rise – Low-rise bikini briefs make your torso appear longer, perfect for the shorter torso hourglass.

Best Swimsuit tips for the classic hourglass figure

The most flattering swimsuits for your hourglass body shape are ones that accentuate your slim waist, show off your natural curves and visually lengthen your legs. A deep V-shaped neckline with a high-cut leg is the perfect example but honestly, you will look great in almost any style of swimming costume.

  • Strapless, Halter Neck and plunging V- neckline – These are the ultimate swimsuit designs for the curvy hourglass silhouette.
  • Bandeau and sweetheart necklines
  • Belted one-piece – Choose one with a narrow-width belt so that it doesn’t shorten your torso.
  • High-cut Leg – This will visually lengthen the leg.
  • Monokini – This style will give you the maximum curve enhancement.
  • Ruched front panel – This feature is designed to optically slim the waist.

For the full hourglass, look for the bust support features like cup sizing, underwiring and thicker straps already mentioned in the bikini top section.

What colours and prints work best on an hourglass?

In short, the answer is pretty much anything! You can wear different textures, vibrant colours, and eye-catching prints. Choose according to your taste but don’t be afraid to try something different.

  • Bright and bold – Solid colours, neon, or bold prints, the choice is yours, be adventurous!
  • Matching tops and bottoms – Whether you choose a colour, a print, a particular fabric texture or frill detailing; just make sure that they are the same on the top and bottom to keep you in proportion. It’s all about harmony and balance with an hourglass shape.
  • Mix shapes – A halter top paired with a trim pant can work just as well on your body type as a halter matched with a vintage high waist pant.
  • Vertical stripes- These elongate the body.
  • Retro Designs

What things to avoid as an hourglass body shape?

  • Imbalance – Avoid mixing up colours, patterns and textures and choose matching sets. The trick is to keep your gorgeous figure balanced and in harmony, if you choose a print for the top then follow it through on the bottom and this will keep your shape in proportion.
  • Uneven detailing – Again, keeping your silhouette in balance is key. Embellishments such as frills around the bust with simple classic briefs or ties on the hips with a simple triangle top will put your body shape out of its perfect proportions making the bust or hips appear wider.
  • Ruffles around the waist – You have an amazing waistline, avoid any detailing that adds width to your waistline.

Hourglass summary

Choose plunging V, halter neck, or strapless tops matched with a high waist or classic pant. For a slim hourglass body shape, the choice of bottoms is wider. In swimsuits make the most of your curves in belted, high-legged swimming costumes in vibrant colours or prints. Finally, avoid imbalance, uneven detailing between the bust and hips and extra volume on the waistline. Enjoy your perfect beach body shape!

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