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How to Buy Swimwear as a Gift

It can be daunting buying something as a gift for someone else and especially so with a new swimsuit or bikini. But it’s easy when you know how.

Our guide to buying swimwear is especially designed to take the worry out of shopping for a swimwear gift, with top tips on how to buy the right size, colours and styles so you make someone happy with a great gift.

In this article, you’ll find all the information you need to find the perfect gift!!

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Getting the Size Right…

Check her Dress Size

Our top tips for getting the size right is to have a sneaky peak at what sizes are in the wardrobe of your wife, girlfriend or friend.

Check clothing labels for a dress size but remember that women can fluctuate in clothing, so don’t be surprised if you find a couple of different sizes.

If the majority of clothing is a size 14 then you can be fairly sure that that’s their size.

Another way to find out without snooping in the wardrobe is to bring a conversation topic round to clothing and drop ‘You’re a size 12 aren’t you?’ into the conversation.

Remember… be subtle or they’ll guess you’re up to something!  Really, the best way to find out is to have a look in their swimwear or underwear drawer.

Swim clothing member wearing musica from 2016 collection girl in dress

Cup size 

While a woman may be a 14 in dress size, cup size can vary.

They may need a particular cup size rather than a standard dress size.  Take your time, check if the swimsuits, bikinis and bras that they have are underwired or cup sized. 

Women’s sizing can be confusing.

There’s a huge spectrum of cup sizes. Plus we all come in different shapes and sizes and it depends what they personally feel comfortable in – comfort is key!!

If they are a D cup or over it’s best to go for a specifically cup sized swimsuit or bikini.

Smaller cups need much less support than larger cup sizes – if they are an DD cup, or above, you need to also check for a good supportive structure on top with wide adjustable straps.

Look at which styles they like

swim pool bikini

It’s important to take notice of the different styles that they like to wear and which parts of the body they are comfortable to show off or that they try to hide.

Bikinis, swimsuits, tankinis……which one?

The best thing is look at the swimwear they already have. Is their swimwear modest or more daring? Do they tend to have more bikinis or swimsuits?

If they like covering up and never wear a bikini then it’s best to stick to a swimsuit or a Tankini.  

Conversely, if they live in crop tops and little shorts then don’t cover them up in a swimsuit!

The finer details

Do they tend to choose simple, sleek swimwear or can you spot lots of frills or detailing like embroidery or tassels?

Just take your time, make some notes and you’ll get it right.

The perfect swimsuit or two piece is out there, and we’re here to help.

Lace back bikini top by swim pool

Consider what occasion you’re buying swimwear for…

Escaping daily life

kind face soap gift idea swimming essential

If you’re buying the gift for an amazing spa weekend away where they’ll be swimming in the pool and hot tub, a bathing suit may be a more suitable gift.

Family fun by the pool

chlorine pools and slides swimsuit gift idea

Maybe its a family holiday with the kids, with a splash pool and water slides, you’ll need to consider a great sport style or something more supportive.

Wild swimming addicts

alberta, canada, lake, wild swimming water reflection might need a wetsuit

Maybe you’re buying for someone who loves to be in the water all year round for a morning swim…and they’re brave enough to go without a wetsuit?! Something thats quick and easy to change out of and not too many fussy details.

Favourite colours

How to buy the right colour or print

perfect colourful gifts

Be led in your buying by what colours or prints they enjoy wearing.

What is their favourite colour? If the person you are buying for wears mainly pastel colours then don’t buy them a bright vivid bikini!

If they always wear prints, don’t buy them something in a plain solid colour!  

Every woman needs to feel comfortable and confident in their swimwear.

Keep the receipt!

swim wear perfect for the water

Dont worry, we’ve got you covered

If you purchase a bathing suit birthday gift from Moontide don’t forget that if for any reason they aren’t 100% happy with their surprise swimwear gift you can always return it.

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